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If it feels like clutching at straws for one or both of you, then you're not in it to win it for love. Perhaps you find yourself feeling unsure where this is going, how the other person feels or what on earth is going on? The right person for you wants you to feel at ease because they want to feel at ease too. Things of significance can be anything from friends and family, to your hobbies, interests and work.

In short, lust is for right now, and we all know that when it comes to love everything should just feel right. Follow Sarah on Twitter. Type keyword s to search.

Love or Lust?

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7 Ways To Define The Difference Between Lust & Love, According To Science

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7 Signs It's Actually Lust, Not Love

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A Thin Line Between Love & Lust (Urban) ( Completed) - theerealestqueen - Wattpad

More From Relationships. Hopefully what remains is true affection, respect, and a shared value system that can carry the relationship into real world. A simple way of putting it is this: the basis of lust is a physical connection, the basis of love is an emotional and mental connection.

Lust is short-term, love goes the distance. Lust is what brings you in, love is what keeps you there. One challenge of sexual attraction — or lust — is learning to stay centered and listen to your gut in the early stages of being with someone.

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This is not an easy task in the midst of hormones surging, but it's essential to make healthy relationship decisions. The reason for this caution is that the dark side of lust can present itself in the form of codependency and sex addition.

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Many people are affected by this addiction, which often causes out-of-control feelings and behaviors. However, where there is a desire to recover and access to skilled sex addiction counseling, there is hope for a brighter future. My typical approach begins with discussing how the behaviors started.

If you are interested in transcending your relationship from lust to love, you must be willing to be vulnerable. If you are seeking clarity in order to move beyond the bedroom and into a fully dimensional, healthy relationship, give Foundations a call. Skip to main content.