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The cat gobbled up the mushrooms. Some time later, the host went back into the kitchen and found the cat lying on the floor, foaming at the mouth and panting for breath. He immediately phoned the veterinarian, who advised the man that he and his dinner guests had better get to the emergency room as soon as possible to have their stomachs pumped.

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The vet suspected that they had picked poisoned toadstools instead of mushrooms. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox!

Q: How long should I stay at a job?

Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. After going to the hospital and having their stomachs pumped, the people finally made it back home. They made their way into the kitchen, expecting to see their cat lying lifeless on the floor. Instead, the cat was in the corner of the kitchen with a brand-new litter of kittens! Imagine that! Have you ever felt like that? What they thought were death pains were, in reality, birth pains!

Keep going. Keep dreaming the dream God has put into your heart. If it were easy, anyone could do it. When you begin to pursue your dream, somebody will always emerge to try to steal it. Often it will be someone who never had a dream of their own, or if they did they abandoned it. What do you dream about?

"It's Always Too Soon To Quit."

What has God enabled you to see that does not yet exist? You will never out-dream God! God loves dreamers. When you dream, you move closer to the way He sees things.

Too Fast Too Soon

In that moment, you rise above your limitations; you move from where you are to where He wants you to be. In other words, you begin to see your goals in their completed state.

The question is not can you dream, but do you have the courage to act on it? We often take ideas from previous relationships into new ones. If we repeat these behaviours enough, they can become patterns.

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So, in the case of never quite giving relationships a chance, we may end up never getting to the point where we truly have to engage: instead, skimming along the surface, going from partner to partner without getting a proper idea of any of them. This may sound fairly cliched and easier said than done, but it really is the key to giving both you and any potential partner the chance to really understand one another. A lot of this is to do with trying to be more open, communicative and honest. Although this can be a little harder, sometimes more frustrating and will definitely involve being more vulnerable, it can also mean really getting an understanding of who each other is and whether your relationship might work in the longer term.

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How can you make this shift? This might mean making practical efforts to find out more about your partner: having proper conversations, asking lots of questions, or doing things together that allow you to see different sides of your personalities. It also means being more open yourself: allowing them to see the real you.

Being open means taking a risk: it means being willing to risk being hurt - and it can mean risking hurting. Layoffs happen.

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Everyone makes a mistake from time to time. However, if your resume is riddled with brief stints of employment and the jobs were not short-term contract positions, you can expect employers to regard you as a job hopper and question your judgment, career goals, and your ability to perform at work. Be prepared to explain what you learned from this work experience and how it's helped you to identify what you're looking for in your next employer and role.

Highlight your wish to find an organization that you can truly call home. Then, explain why you believe this particular company and job 0pportunity is the right fit — and why you're the right candidate for the job. If you decide to quit your job, try to secure a new position first. It's much easier to get a job when you're already employed. Focus on finding the right job and work environment rather than getting out of your current situation as quickly as possible.

The last thing you want to do is repeat the same mistakes you made during your last job search and end up working for a company and in a position that's not a good match. Ready to look for a new job? Kick things off with a free resume review. Let's stay in touch. Subscribe today to get job tips and career advice that will come in handy.