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Some love the thrill of battle or like to have a grand purpose. Others may fight because of the love of their country. They love their country and want to protect it from any threat possible. They may also fight to protect their families and for their loves as well. Conflicts can arise in any relationship, no matter how close you two are.

In the end, you two are slightly different,and those subtle differences can create conflict.

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Sometimes, the conflict can be resolved peacefully, but other times, you may be shouting at each other,and the conflict will soon rise. Another similarity between conflict and war is mounting tensions. One side will be the aggressor, and the other side will counter by being aggressive as well. They will increase their aggressive tendencies until one of them makes the declaration of war. By resolving tensions, you can decrease your chances of conflict. Many countries that have had hostile wars in the past may end up being good friends in the long run.

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  5. The US has an intense war with Japan that ended in the nuclear bombing, but today, Japan and the US are not enemies whatsoever. Time can heal all wounds, including war. The same can apply to conflicts. You may conflict with your spouse, but by giving some space and time, you can take the steps needed to be able to forgive and forget. There may be rational reasons for a conflict, but whenever the tensions are so high, all logic gets thrown at the window.

    Civilized societies turn into beasts, fighting it out until one can't fight any longer. There is no intelligence in killing each other, but we do it anyway. Meanwhile, love can have the same rules. When you're lovestruck by someone, your rationality may be gone. You can no longer think straight or be able to talk to someone without love blinding you rationally.

    Love and War

    In some cases, love and war can be logical, but for the most part, instincts take over,and when it ends, we feel regretful it happened. It can take a lot of courage to admit you love someone, and in some romantic situations, courage may be required when everyone is against the relationship.

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    The same applies to war. When fighting a war, it takes courage to face death and realize that you may die on the battlefield. This isn't to say that the courage is equal; risking your life is probably the more courageous option. However, the courage you feel when you experience love is unique in its way and should be looked at.

    War, in general, is destructive, but some wars can last only for a short time before the conflict is resolved. Meanwhile, other wars may lead to pure destruction. They may last for years, killing a lot in the process, or the people in conflict may escalate their arsenal until they are killing each other with nukes or other weapons. Love can be the same way. When a relationship ends, it can end in an amicable fashion, where there is some hurt, but it is easy to recover from.

    However, some relationships end in a total disaster. One or both parties may be thrown under the bus, especially in a divorce, where a situation can get real messy. As mentioned before, you can fight for your country because you have a love for it. And the same can happen in actual love. You can be at war with your own emotions and ego as you try to humble yourself for your partner. Or, you may be at war with the parents of your lover.

    You can be at war with your partner as well if you're concerned for their well-being,and there is a disagreement that arises.

    Love and War

    Love and war are opposites, but in the human mind, this is closer than you would think. Extreme emotions tend to have a thin line between them. Someone you're in love with can turn into your worst enemy if the situation goes awry. The same can be true for country relationships, where our best allies can become our enemies because of one mistake. Often, this is because you have high expectations for your love, and when they aren't met, they can come crashing down. The phrase "all is fair in love and war" exists for a reason.

    With war, you are willing to try every tactic under the book to win. You may resort to dirty guerrilla tactics to defeat your enemy or use the most destructive bomb imaginable.

    It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War

    War is not like a sanctioned fight where there are boundaries. When you're in love, anything is fair game. You may end up buying extravagant gifts to impress your love, or you may end up messing someone over who is also interested in your love. Sometimes, war is manufactured for the benefit of someone else. Why is it that people often say the wrong thing, despite their best efforts and intentions?

    In Love and War | Psychology Today

    Here are five potential explanations. Beliefs may not single-handedly determine your physical health, financial status, and chances at finding love, as some claim—but they are powerful nonetheless.

    So how can you make the most of the time you do have? Research suggests that these eight strategies may help. You may think that people love you despite your flaws, not because of them. But some of the traits that you see as flaws may be more attractive than you realize. Stuck in a seemingly impossible dilemma? Consider these 10 research-based strategies for better decision-making. Major negative life events, such as the death of a loved one, the dissolution of an important relationship, or the diagnosis of a serious illness, can be painful and isolating.

    But these experiences can also sometimes bring about unexpected positive changes. Romantic instincts are subject to a number of biases that can lead us to trust the wrong people and overlook the right ones. But research suggests that revisiting ordinary, everyday experiences can bring us a lot more pleasure than we realize. Juliana Breines, Ph.

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